3 Best Trail Running Races In The World

There’s a good reason as to why ultra trail runs are getting to be more renowned over the year. There is something concerning the call of the wild in which makes you out of your head, and motivates you to test out your limits.

It doesn’t matter how much you like big-city marathons, keeping track of cracks on the sidewalk won’t ever quite compare well to racing through canyons and streams in the forests. There is something regarding running in the wild- the landscapes, the range of terrain- which simply breeds camaraderie.

Regardless of whether you’re racing from the mountains of British Columbia or the Hawaiian jungle, an ultra trail run provides an extreme, life-changing experience, a break out of the rat-race, and a new point of view in the world, completely mixing a love for intense sports with an interest for the outdoors.

Ultra Trail Cape Town

Finally the choice to run an ultra in the mountains encircling Cape Town has come to being. The sole race available today which happens on, and all around, one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World – Table Mountain. High altitudes aren’t an issue, however diverse terrain, the risk of testy weather conditions and technical ascents make this a great obstacle underfoot. Marvelous seaside-, metropolis- and mountain-scenery, create an additional challenge whenever keeping eyes in the terrain is a better idea compared to enjoying the tempting views.

Ultra Trail Mount Fuji

The pure beauty of running 168 km all around Mount Fuji is really a pleasurable surprise to many people who might not have listed it as an instant option as among the races to do just before you hang up your ultra shoes once and for all. The well-manicured mountain tracks, footpaths, as well as roads link up for a great course. Be careful of the rain though as things could step up rapidly on the difficulty level as underfoot conditions turn into mud. Mount Fuji by itself as well as the entire Japanese experience make this a not-to-be-missed run for all ultra trail runner.

Ultra Trail Torres Del Paine – Patagonia Chile

South America gives on adventure in a massive way and in the Southern tip of the continent you could engage in a race with probably the most unique background scenes you will ever be lucky enough to encounter. The race brings runners thru ‘bonsai’ forests, past glaciers, along with amazing aqua blue colored lakes, and most remarkably, beneath the regal Torres Del Paine peaks. An event to take pleasure from.